Pentecost Message

George E. Markakis
24. May 2015

This is a message on the occasion of “Shavuot” (Hebrew word for “weeks”) or “Pentecost” (from the Hellenic word “pentekosti”, meaning the 50th day), because it is 50 days after the Day of the Resurrection (as we see things from our Christ-centered perspective).

Pentecost Message

From the Old Testament “Shavuot” is also known as “the Feast of Weeks”, “the Harvest Holiday” and “the Holiday of First Fruits”, all of which were to be fulfilled in the beginning of the work of the Holy Spirit to gather souls like harvest in the Kingdom of God, establishing the Ecclesia on earth (the assembly of the called ones).

It was the timing that God used to pour out His Spirit upon the 120 on the upper room in Jerusalem, to reveal that it was His divine timing for the fulfilment of the prophecy of Joel (Acts 2:16-21, Joel 2:28-32). It is therefore also a time of divine outpouring, for the purpose of divine empowerment, to do the work of God on earth.

History can become a message!

One of the things the Holy Spirit reveals through the Scriptures to the people of God through personal relationship, is what was written is not merely historical events and description of religious practices.

What we read in the Scriptures becomes alive in our lives, when the Holy Spirit quickens a particular message in the heart and turns it from written “Logos” to Spirit-breathed “Rhema” that proceeds from the mouth of God.

These days is (again) a time of divine outpouring, for the purpose of divine empowerment, to do the work of God on earth (for those who have the faith for it…)

A time of divine invitation!

What happened on the Day of Pentecost, 50 days after the historic event of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, was a one-time event in the timeline of the Earth, never to be repeated again. The Holy Spirit descended to empower the specific 120 disciples and inaugurate the era of the Ecclesia of Jesus Christ. 

The Holy Spirit has remained in the Ecclesia (i.e. assembly of the called ones) ever since the day described in Acts cht.2, and may be freely received by everyone who becomes a member of the living Body of Christ on Earth.

We are not asking for such kind of a “new Pentecost”, so to speak. What we are saying instead, is that we believe that the Lord is inviting us to seek Him again, so that He open a window in heaven for divine outpouring that brings (renewed) empowerment to do the work of God on Earth – whatever that is for each one of us.

The call of God is for now!

It does not matter that we already have the Spirit and the manifestation of the gifts. The Bible calls us to be re-filled every day; Ap. Paul instructed Timothy to re-kindle the gift that he had received by the laying on of hands. Whatever we received yesterday was good for yesterday, just like the manna that descended from heaven. 

We need a new outpouring today, renewed empowerment, renewed vision, renewed mission, and renewed decision!

The call of God for us on this Pentecost is to build faith, expectation, and ask for divine outpouring, for divine empowerment, so that we can do the (new, renewed) work which is ahead of us tomorrow by God’s (new) power!

New vision for a new season (again!?)

Does that sound cliché? Sure it does! Been said too many times, on too many occasions! 

But surely this is not just a vain repetition of what has been said before, at least not for me! I actually received the following word from the Lord, by His Spirit… 

“it is time to re-imagine your life, your work, your mission!”

Our God is an ever-creative God of new beginnings! He wants us to learn from Him and be like Him! I believe the Lord wants to guide us to be ever-creative and constantly renewing ourselves, as we re-imagine and re-discover who we are, what we do, how we do it, in fresh ways!

This is a God-time to do that! There is a God-invitation for us today to present ourselves to Him for a new outpouring from heaven for renewal, that makes gives fresh power to make everything new, everything fresh!

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