Sow into European Apostolic Leaders (EAL)

This apostolic service for the 50+ nations of Europe is given by Christ and requires great financial resources: Travel, accommodations, helping ministers, organising events, financing projects....

We believe that an apostolic ministry should be financed especially by other apostolic leaders, five-fold ministers, churches, networks, organizations, and others that are being blessed.

Almost all that we are doing apostolically is groundbreaking.

We are building structures in all spheres of society, and strengthening churches and ministers.

Here is the necessary information to make a bank transfer to European Apostolic Leaders (EAL), via the bank account of Oslokirken which handles EAL financially and legally:

Bank account number: 1503.65.44535.
Bank: DNB. Address: Dronning Eufemias gate 30, 0191 Oslo, Norway
BIC (Swift-address): DNBANOKKXXX
IBAN: NO5315036544535

Our postal address: c/o Jan-Aage Torp, Karl Johans gate 16, 0154 Oslo, Norway

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