Francis McFaul

The Irishman in Scotland

«How do you start to describe Francis McFaul?  A songwriter; a minister; an artist; a prophet; a voice; a visionary; a man after God’s own heart?  He’s all of these things and more», writes Bob Cranham.

Marshall Cross, the apostolic team leader at Redemption Church in Wishaw, Scotland where Francis and his wife Jacqui are an integral part of the apostolic team, states: «Francis is a worship apostle, equipped to raise up a new generation of worshippers in Europe and beyond».

Francis McFaulFrancis McFaul and Marshall Cross

(Bob Cranham has worked for the past 40 years in all areas of the music business as a session guitarist and producer both in the UK and across the world. His production credits include over 60 albums plus EP’s and singles including Helen Shapiro’s No. 1 gospel album, The Pearl.)

Bob writes:

«I first met Francis when he was known as David Isaac, a singer/songwriter and worship leader who clearly had God’s hand on his life.  He asked me to produce his first album, Season of Singing.  I have never met anyone who is such a prolific songwriter.  Selecting material for the album was difficult. As soon as we had chosen ten or twelve songs that we wanted to work with he had written another dozen songs that were equally as good and equally as relevant! An astonishing gift. But beyond the music was the man. Humble; generous; prayerful. A man with a heart to share the Lord with everyone he met. A man with a gift to teach and encourage yet with a huge desire to learn and experience more of God himself.  

But what of his music?  Well, one of the greatest challenges for any contemporary  Christian songwriter is to create songs that are simple enough for a congregation to pick up quickly without sounding corny and to be able to express ageless truths without becoming cliché. The measure of «success» is whether or not you can produce such songs that will also stand the test of time. It’s been amazing to see that songs we first recorded over 20 years ago are still touching hearts today and feel as fresh as ever. And 20 years on Francis’ new songs have taken on a fresh direction with a glorious mix of his unique, driving, percussive guitar style, the Celtic rhythms of his roots and an ear that hears both a good tune and the heart of God in one moment. To pick any of the songs for special mention would, of course, be a fruitless task  -  he’s already written many more! Clearly the best thing to do is to go and experience Francis, his music and his ministry for yourself wherever and whenever you can.»

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Francis McFaulFrancis with his beloved Jacqui
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