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Massacre in Paris: -We share the Sadness and Outrage!

French apostle Jean-Marc Potenti
Jean-Marc Potenti
January 08, 2015

The massacre that killed 12 people in Paris yesterday has left the watching world stunned. ECAL´s French member, key France apostle Jean-Marc Potenti, has made a clear statement on his Facebook page.


Two masked gunmen dressed in black and armed with Kalashnikovs entered the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in the 11th arrondissement at 11.30am on Wednesday and opened fire on an editorial meeting. Twelve people were killed in the attack, including eight journalists and two police officers.
Gunmen who attacked the magazine could be heard on video captured at the scene saying “Allahu akbar,” “we’ve killed Charlie Hebdo” and “we’ve avenged the prophet”.
Two eyewitnesses said they claimed to be from al-Qaida. One of them specified al-Qaida in Yemen, a group also known as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula
All 12 victims have been identified, and include eight cartoonists or journalists, two Charlie Hebdo staff, and two police officers.

Jean-Marc Potenti´s statement on his Facebook page:

"We all share the emotion, sadness and outrage at the killings suffered by the journalists of Charlie-Hebdo and the police service.
I am personally moved by the ability of our citizens to mobilize and demonstrate for freedom of thought, we feel an even stronger way what it means to be French, and that whatever our origin, our beliefs and our political choices.
There is something solemn that is happening beyond, but "thanks" to the drama we have, and that we would have liked not knowing...
I even hope something good and noble for our nation will come out of it

"Are we Charlie" so far?
This is where for me it seems that the pain and emotion may prevail over reason.
Let me be clear: I hear and I feel that this statement - "Je suis Charlie" - can express solidarity, indignation, identification, but also resistance to what one wants to impose, from political totalitarianism in religious fundamentalism against which we must fight without compromise.
I do not identify the designers of Charlie Hebdo´s caricatures by they have done, and I do not condemn them in any case. It is the fruit of their talent, the expression of their freedom and their beliefs, even if they would have rejected this term. At least we can talk about assumptions.
And indeed, I personally do not share their beliefs, but I recognize their right to express and publish them. Sometimes their assumptions have even made me laugh or made me think by their irreverence...."

"I am Charlie" is an expression of solidarity on social media, Twitter users are expressing solidarity with #CharlieHebdo by using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie
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