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"Günther, build Houses!“

Presentation in Frankfurt
Günther Hess
December 18, 2014

Günther Hess, new member of European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ECAL), made this short presentation at a meeting of German apostolic leaders in Frankfurt this week. Günther Hess is the founder of the In-My-Street-Network and Co-Founder of Pioneertraining, based in Berlin. 

"Günther, build houses!“ That is the call of God on my life. God taught me step by step how to start new churches in houses.

1) God´s time for a movement of trainers who train trainers

Three years ago the Lord started to speak with me about multiplication through training of trainers and brought me in contact with the T4T-movement. Since then I teach about multiplication. T4T – Training for Trainers – is one the fastet growing movements worldwide. T4T has the potential to multiply prayer walking, evangelism, signs and wonder, deliverance, discipleship and new churches.

2) The next step: Time to connect Germany, Austria and Switzerland

This summer, God who is the great connector, formed supernaturally a team through dreams with Reinald Leichte from Austria, Christof Brux from Switzerland, and me from Germany. God spoke very cleary in dreams that he wants us as German-speaking team to iniate the Pioneerttraining school. Wow! At that point we didn ́t know each other!

3) God´s new season for a movement of pioneers

As a Team of Pioneers, we work passionately to develop a viral 222 movement of discipleship (2 Timothy 2:2). Disciples, who are strengthened and empowered through training and are nurtured on a personal level, who will in turn train others as disciples. Our big goal is to start 2000 new organic churches. Our mission is to release potential leaders & pioneers into their calling and purpose through coaching, life-changing seminars and webinars.

4) One step after the next: Time to connect internationally

We are excited about a movement spreading from house to house in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and beyond, and to connect with ECAL.

The Hess Family
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