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Prophetic Word

Michel von Allmen
January 27, 2014

Michel von Allmen has received this prophetic word.

Prophetic WordDuring prayer I received the image of a climatic system been stirred and put in place over Europe, like the ones we can see in meteorological forecasts. It was very large and powerful and was being slowly put in circular motion as typhoons do. Then from beneath it I was able to see strong swirling winds coming down progressively to hit the ground and it was obvious that once the currents would come down, which was not quite yet the time for, they would cause serious  damage and create a new environment.

Although we can all sympathize with people who have suffered from such events, I understood the Lord saying: I have prepared the coming together of this apostolic/prophetic company  for a long time and over a large spectrum; I am still gathering it and have been preparing this company, at first in a totally non noticeable manner, but now it is appearing to the eye and I am putting it in motion; it will be strong and mighty like powerful winds and once the full influence and impact of what I am doing hits the ground of reality, it will be powerful at destroying systems and structures used and dominated by the enemy in society, thus creating a new situation and circumstances for the Gospel to flourish.

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    Michel von Allmen

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