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Exercising Apostolic Authority in Heavenly Places

Transforming Nations

Hrvoje Sirovina
January 17, 2014

As apostolic leaders we get visions for big things, we feel the mission to rock the boat, we have the authority to bring down strongholds and to push away principalities. We understand that our purpose is to see revival in our nations, to bring transformation into our societies and reveal Gods dominion from generation to generation, writes Hrvoje Sirovina as he shows the way to transform nations.  

Even though it is written in Hebrews 2,8 that all things are put under our and Jesus ́ feet and there is nothing that is not put under it, we do not yet see the full manifestation thereof.

Everything is ready, but there are still things to do in order to see it manifested of it in the natural.

The reason is, that everything in heavenly places has to be established legally first

before it can be made manifest and thereafter executed in the natural.

God is a righteous Judge

As judge, God is righteous and just (Ps 89,15). Everything He does has to be legal before it can be executed according to His righteousness and justice. Things need to be cleared in heavenly places so that God can release judgment in favor of us.

God has given individuals the authority over all the power of the enemy according to Luk 10,19. Authority means that we have the legal right to stop the effect of the power exercised by the enemy through the authority he has.

The purpose of an Ekklesia - the governing institution established by God himself - is to have authority over all the authority (not just the power) of the enemy. To have authority over the authority of the enemy means, that we have the legal right not just to stop the effect of the power of the enemy, but to take his legal right - which is his authority - to even exercise his power.

As an Ekklesia we thus have the ability to overturn the governing seat of the enemy and to legally take his position of authority. (Mat 18,16-17)

To walk in this position of authority, we first have to know our assignment and sphere of authority. We also need to know whether God has given us a mandate to go into heavenly courts about a matter.

If it is confirmed, that we are called to a specific assignment and provided with the mandate, we need to understand, that one of the reasons that things are in disarray is, that the enemy has a legal right to it. Therefore we need to take his legal right away from him so we can claim the territory God wants to give to us. We need to enter the courtrooms of heaven, approach God as a judge and find out, what the accusations & legal rights of the enemy are. By sticking to protocol and repenting appropriately we have to legally set things in place in those heavenly courtrooms until we get a release (a document from God, the judge) that we can now take the territory legally. As soon as we have done this, it is time to execute this judgement. 

Gods Judgment in Court is followed by the Execution through Spiritual Warfare

Ps 149,9 tells us, that we are to "execute on them the written judgment...this honor have all His saints"

This verse shows that

  1. saints need a written judgement before they execute something

  2. a court case has to be held to receive judgement

  3. at a successful court case, Gods judgment is released on our behalf

  4. this judgment is legally released in writing and recorded in heaven

  5. as soon as there is a written judgement, His saints have the honor to execute it

The execution of the judgment is the part, that we traditionally call „spiritual warfare“. If we do spiritual warfare without clearing things in heavenly places first, we are not very effective and there is a greater chance of backlashes on us, because legally the enemy still owns the territory.

If we execute the judgement of God the enemy has to clear the territory as we come to claim it.

If we have done the work and rightly positioned ourselves before God as judge, He will proclaim judgment on our behalf and all of heaven and its hosts back us up, because we have rightly positioned ourselves according to the righteousness and justice of our Lord and King Jesus Christ. This is why it is lethal for the Body of Christ to learn to function as an Ekklesia that is registered in heaven. And then as an Ekklesia to learn to clear things in the courts of heaven to gain back our nations for God - so we can present them as sheep nations before HIS throne.

Results come speedily

I believe and our experience is, that warfare isn ́t something that should last long, but it should be a short term procedure. Luke 18,1-8 speaks about a parable in a setting of a court room, where an unrighteous judge spoke judgement on behalf of the widow, because she troubled him continually. 
 Jesus said, that if the unjust judge avenged the widow, how much more shall our God avenge His own elect and that He will avenge them speedily.

Speedily is a fast thing. Our experience is, that the procedure in a court of heaven can last longer, but when God speaks judgment on our behalf and we got legal right to execute the judgment on the given case, we enter spiritual warfare and the results are seen speedily.

In Revelation 19,11 Jesus judges in righteousness and makes war. We see, that judgement and spiritual warfare have to go hand in hand, but judgement comes first and it is then followed by warfare. 

Seeking Gods Judgment and getting Revelation about the Courts of Heaven

Dan 9,5 - we have sinned and committed iniquity... by departing from Your precepts and Your judgments.

It is time for the Ekklesia and especially for their apostolic leaders to seek the judgments of God just like Daniel, after he got revelation about the courtroom of heaven in Daniel 7+ 8. If we want to bring nations into the Kingdom of God, this is essential to release people, cities, regions and nations into the specific God-given purposes, which were written into the books of heaven even before the foundation of the earth.

We see in Daniel 7,21-22 that the „horn“ made war and prevailed against the saints, but only until the court was seated and judgement was proclaimed in favor of the saints (verse 26).

This is how we will see the kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven being given to the saints of the Most High.


Following the right protocol is what enables us to enter the courtrooms of heaven. It helps us to gain understanding and it brings revelation about the procedure in the courts of heaven and with it we get victory over all the authority of the enemy.

Revelation about what the protocols are to access heavens courts and how to present our case before the righteous judge is needed in order to succeed and get a judgment in favor of ourselves.

We have to understand that the protocol in the courtrooms of heaven differ from the protocol of spiritual warfare and that we have to seek understanding and knowledge about it, because we want to see the court seated and the books opened and the judgment spoken in favor of the Ekklesia (Dan 7,10). By following proper protocol we will see much greater success in warfare.

It is the assignment of the apostolic leaders to bring the revelation about these proper protocols to the Body of Christ, because as apostolic leaders and generals we get understanding and revelation of how to present the case in front of the judge and when the saints are ready to execute the written judgment, without loosing people and ground in spiritual warfare.

We do not enter the court to fight the power of the enemy, but so that his authority and seat of government can be legally taken from him by the spoken judgment of God.
This is how we can execute Gods judgment and receive Gods revenge speedily.
And the Ekklesia of the Most High will shine as governing authority in nations around the world. 

Bio: Hrvoje Sirovina serves with his wife Ise as apostolic leaders of HIS Ministries, based in Esslingen, Germany. They are members of European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ECAL)Hrvoje is a Croatian who has spent his whole life in Germany.

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