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What is your focus on the future ?

Victorious Eschatology
Cees Bakker
December 11, 2013

Dutch apostolic leader Cees Bakker makes a sounding call for an optimistic view of the end times: "My focus is just to follow Jesus in this Victorious Process and at the end He will make everything perfect!"

Many theologians are in agreement that there appears to be twelve ideas that may be regarded as "Scripture Faithful" on eschatology.

The four main steams in all diverse variants caused a dim part in my brain. Many people wrote books, movies have been made in the “Left Behind” series. These things and the associated teachings have become so commonly accepted in the modern Church that the negative eschatology has become the most popular view. It reached its zenith of acceptance just before the close of the last millennium when Christians became fascinated with the possibility of the world ending in the year 2000.

I have realized that it does not fit, something is wrong here.

God always took away that which is bad in order to restore, instead of taking away that what is good.

Now, almost 2014, we are well into the new millennium, Christians are lifting there eyes on the future.

Many leaders are discovering that scriptures give us a more optimistic view than they previously believed.

All over the world you see changing in the form of Church, from buildings, programs, pastors, structures into more organic, living the life Churches. The next reformation is already coming. It is the reformation of theology, the way we understand the Bible.

There are big discussions on the internet now everywhere for example the Calvinistic view versus the open view of God and it brings a complete new understanding about the Bible, about God and how God works in our lives and in the world. God is giving revelation, and mindsets are renewed.

It is good to discern this key passage in Acts 3 :21 "Jesus whom heaven received until the times of restoration of all things" (apokatastasis) means the confirmation of the status it suppose to have.

Although even through the dark ages there always have been followers of Jesus who carried the torch.

Significant though is the breakthrough in 1517 with Martin Luther. Furthermore it is remarkable that during the last 500 years a restoration is taken place step by step. All over the world you see a hunger and an increase of the revelation of the foundation Jesus Christ given by apostles and prophets. These are the servants who help us to respond to the things which are in the heart of God in order for followers of Jesus to grow towards freedom and maturity in their personal life’s. In other words towards a prophetic lifestyle according the heart of God.

Statistics shows us that 3% are leaders, 2% understand what leadership really means, 95% of the people are followers. 95% follow their leaders and are not mature, which is caused by the last 1700 years of Christianity. Proper thinking is very difficult for 95% of the Church in the so called western world. Many are sleeping like babies, they sleep and eat, diapers are changed, but to us it is to cry out and make a wake up call. Therefore becoming mature, proving things, checking things if it comes from God, is so important.

In all this development we will come to the restoration of all things. In this process we also see that a lot of mistakes are made. Therefore it is a joy to recognize that Jesus Christ is building His Church. It is so important for all of us to grow towards maturity and freedom and Jesus Christ is our example. Luke 11:31(b) Speaks about wisdom…and indeed: Behold. If the bible speaks about……and indeed…. You have to be sharp…. One who is greater than Solomon is here! The word wisdom in the original also means: Understanding, knowledge, meaning, skillful, intelligent, sense.

Each and every follower of Jesus has to learn to function in gifting, abilities, skills, anointing and go for his/ her dreams which God put in his or her heart. It is all about His presence in peoples lives. His presence will make the difference, because He, Jesus will build His Church.

Church is relational, it is a gathering of people where Jesus is glorified and a place of being equipped. It is about making a difference like the salt in the earth. The real salt with power of influence as a representatives in and of the Kingdom of God. Influencing society in all areas, family, education, business, arts, entertainment, media, government. Expanding the Kingdom of God in the earth and “every one is doing it”. Luke 16:16.

We are on our way learning every day and in that process the Kingdom of God advancing and it will be victorious. Isaiah 60:3 says: “Nations will come to your light, And kings to brightness of your rising”. This means as followers of Jesus understand who they are, what they have and what they are able to do within a dark world, the dark world will respond to a glorious Body of Christ. I embrace the perspective “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as waters cover the sea” Hab. 2:14

Confirmed by Psalm 115:16 "The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth He has given to the children of men". And Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth” 

My focus is just to follow Jesus in this Victorious Process and at the end He will make everything perfect!

Bio: Cees Bakker is the founder & director of Support Ministries in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, where he resides with his wife.

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