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A Call from God

Michel von Allmen
August 07, 2013

This prophetic vision was given to Michel von Allmen in 2007.

In a time of worship at church I received a vision in two separate stages, the first one looking totally pitiful, the second, just marvellous.

1st stage : The Lord reminded me by different flashes, scenes from World war II, when the Allies were arriving at the concentration camps ; they were totally shocked to see the state of the remaining prisoners, weakened, emaciated, distressed, unable to believe a rescue was even possible.
Another scene was that of the multitude of Jews rejoicing and thrilled at the idea of entering Palestine in 1948, to find themselves not only challenged with a brand new hope but also confronted with new challenges to re-possess the land and new conflicts to endure.
What I then saw, as an air view (as if in a airplane) was a big territory, a great region, without borders ; a land made of valleys, plains, hills and forests ; this space was void, lifeless and I understood that it had been a great battlefield and it had been abandoned after a big fight.
2nd stage 
Then I heard the shofar sounding with insistance; it was expressing a melancholic, languishing plaint; this sound represented  a call of God over this great territory, over which no visible sign of life was to be seen. There was only desolation, silence, heavy stillness. The shofar reminded me of God when he spoke in Genesis over a tohu bohu / chaos  to  bring life and order…and it has been so ever since !
In understood that God’s trumpet was sounding with a purpose, a creative purpose; I continued to look at this desolate territory and as the shofar sounded, I started seeing vague signs of life and timid movement in different places in that territory. Here and there, as surprising as it was for me to see, people started coming out of hidings, individuals, families, small groupings of survivors from that awful battle which had decimated and scattered them.
Some were coming out with shredded banners tied to poles, banners which had previously caracterised them and which represented denominations, entities of the past. Others, with strips of white cloth, showing they had tried to plead and make a pact with the enemy for a truce.
I saw that these survivors looked like those of the Shoa; they were emaciated, scared, beaten up, in shreds, human wrecks… BUT they were progressively getting out of their hiding places more and more, some from bushes, others from forests, some from caves; they were coming out with a growing assurance as they were hearing the sound of the shofar, the call of God. It was the call of God to reassure them, attract them and call them out of their situations and they were responding !
At that time I felt God’s intense and deep compassion for these survivors; it was invasive but at the same time I felt the Lord’s determination to give the Enemy orders: „ Let my people go…to serve me …“.
I then started seeing this big vague territory,swarming with individuals who were regrouping and gathering under the Lord’s leadership. These groups were marching with a growing boldness as the call was insistant. One could see them gaining their courage again, receiving divine strength, living again, having a new hope and walking resolute without even being organised as a people. They could not even see each other from afar at the beginning of this move due to the size of the territory, but from my aerial view, I could see them moving and converging to eventually form a great crowd. It then became an army. Marching at God’s command. They had been summoned a little bit like migratory birds are by their God-given instinct.
They were marching on the earth with their attention fixed on heaven where their orders and direction came from. The more they marched, the bolder, the stronger they became and they became awe-inspiring, for a clamor was rising from among them, which was a war cry against their enemy.
©Michel von Allmen 2013
Michel & Sally von Allmen (photo: Jan-Aage Torp)

    Michel von Allmen

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