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Passion for Business? Looking for Success?

Attention all Businessmen and women – Stop lying and cheating!
Elin Riegel
July 18, 2013

Spanish-Norwegian Apostle Elin Riegel makes a passionate plea for integrity and honesty in Christian business, and shows the simple way to prosperity and success!

God is a tremendous Leader and He is always successful in His business deals. How come it seems so difficult to follow the Super Leader?!

You are an honest, good Christian, you say? 

You are expecting to have success then? Well, for all I know that might be true…. 

That means that you always tell the truth, never cheat, are 100% honest, and obediently follow the 4 ways of giving in the Kingdom; right?!

The success recipe no 1:

You honor God with the First Fruits of ALL new sources of income, you pay Tithes of everything you earn, you give Offerings, according to God´s leading, you see a 30,60 and 100 fold return on your seeds in good soil, and you give to the poor. 

Integrity?  You never arrive late for an appointment without advising, because you know that arriving 15 minutes late means 15 minutes of lying and disrespect for the other person.

Honesty? You always pay your taxes and your income comes only from selling and buying in “white”, never in “black”. Everything is done with an invoice, never “under the table”(?)

We call ourselves Christians and we believe we live a righteous life in the perfect plan of God, but are we really such great examples to the world around us, that desperately needs Jesus?

As we all know the only “Jesus” they can see, is you and me.

We Apostles know how to preach and talk, that is part of our DNA. We are normally working and ministering as leaders, we are natural “commanders”.

As Apostles in Europe, connected to ICA globally, we should also be the first ones to demonstrate a Christian living, applying the principles of the Word when we step down from the pulpit and enter our every day lives and businesses in the Marketplace. 

Our principal responsibility must be to LIVE and DEMONSTRATE Christ in every little detail. 

Anyone can talk and anyone can command others, even my 3-year-old grandchild is able to do that! 

Our Lord was and is a SERVANT Leader, and we, as His Apostles and Leaders, should aim for the same kind of leadership.

Dear fellow servant Apostle, please hear my heart: 

Many of you reading this are good friends, many of you I do not know personally, but we are in this together. We serve a God of great visions Who is extremely occupied with the smallest of DETAILS.

Dear friends;

Let us continuously check our hearts and ways of living, check all the details of it, the small things that matter so much to our God and Father. – What kind of example are we in the Marketplace, do they really see Christ in ALL we are and ALL we do? Are we compassionate and full of mercy as our Lord? Are we generous with other people or are we full of fear, needing to control everything?

Righteous and faithful

What can be more successful than this: When God and the world around us see us as righteous and faithful Servant Leaders!

My Jesus says in Matthew 6:33: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things will be added to you" - (everything you need in abundance).

If we want prosperity and success in all areas of life, to be able to bless others so much more, the recipe is really simple! 

We concentrate on pleasing the Lord, “marrying” compassion with passion and He will fulfill the desires of our heart – including abundant success in business!

Bio: Elin Eiegel had more than 20 years of owning and running her family business in Norway with her brother, turnover around 25 million dollars a year, before God called her into fulltime ministry in 1996. The call was Spain and the ministry was apostolic. After 10 years of building up W.I. Ministries and Impact Training Centre, empowering and training leaders and ministers, on-site and online, God called Elin back to Business in 2006. She started the Spain chapter of International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC Spain) in 2007, serving and training business people all over the nation. ICCC Spain is connected to the network of ICCC International in 80 countries. She is also overseeing and serving the businesses of their church, as a pastor.

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