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To Transform

Päivi Heikkilä
March 09, 2017

His Spirit is transforming us in to His image from glory to glory!

To TransformGod has created us in to His image, an image which we unfortunately lost in the fall. God didn’t however forsake the man He had made, but covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve with clothes made of skin. 

In order to transform us back to the image He originally wanted us to be, He then gave the law through Moses for us to obey. But the law could not bring forth that transformation, only it became a witness against us and a proof of our fallen nature. 

But God is tireless in His faithfulness. He made us again, by making us born again of His Spirit. This was possible through His Son Jesus Christ, who was willing to sacrifice Himself to become a living Cloth for us with the ability to cover us from inside out. 

Now we have His nature and His righteousness, but we have to work out the transformation in to His image by renewing our mind through His Word and by watching His glory.

“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” (2 Cor. 3:18)

There is an important key here: we have to watch Him “with unveiled face” in order to be transformed. What can hide our face and thus our eyes? Something can hinder our eyes to watch Him openly and confidently, and the changing is also then been hindered. 

“But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” (2 Cor. 11:3)

It is a challenge to keep our heart in right attitude of simple faith and trust towards Christ in spite of what happens. Many things take place during the years in our life, some of them can be sudden tragedies bringing difficult questions to answer, some can cause deep sorrow and loneliness and some heavy pressures to accuse oneself or others. All these are causing us to wonder why, why… Why God allowed this? Why He did not hinder it? How come this happened to me? Although I have been seeking Him, praying and believing… I have been doing my best, and still… What reason there is any more to try, to seek, to give my best to Him, if He don’t care… 

It is a test to keep the same trust and fear and awe towards Him what we had in the beginning, and not to question His goodness and faithfulness in any case. 

“Therefor consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, If you continue in His goodness…” (Rom. 11:22)

We have to continue in His goodness. We have to believe His true love and His infallible faithfulness to take care of us. If we start doubting God’s nature, we will make ourselves impossible to be transformed in to His image. We have to see His image right, to become like Him. We have to trust Him like children, then the Holy Spirit is able to transform us. 

From time to time we have to make sure, that we see Christ like we saw Him in our first love. Keeping the pure heart towards Him we are keeping our face unveiled and as we are watching His glory, His Spirit is transforming us in to His image from glory to glory. For His glory!

    Päivi Heikkilä

    Päivi Heikkilä is the founder ofKing’s Ministriesin Finland, 1989. She ministers in the apostolic-prophetic calling, making way for...
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