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Restoring the Church of Christ

Päivi Heikkilä
March 26, 2016

God is in the business of restoring His Church back to the model that the Lord Jesus with His apostles founded a long time ago. God is not going to start a new Church of Christ, He has to deal with the same building He once started with His Son.

Restoring the Church of ChristThere is a huge difference in restoring an old house compared to building a brand new one!

Many say it’s easier to build a new one than to try to change the old to match your dreams. And of course the older building, the more things have to change.

So, let’s see, the Building we are talking about now is over 2000 years old!

And after the Lord Jesus and His first apostles there have been many builders during the years, and unfortunately all of them have not built according to the same model that the early church had. They did not go to the Mountain of God like Moses to get the exact model from God Himself. They forsook the Cornerstone and used their own ideas in building the House of God. God had to really start the restoration in 1550 with the very basic thing; Salvation is through faith in His Son Jesus Christ and His fulfilled work! In doing that He had to tear down the wrong teachings concerning salvation. That’s the difficulty in restoring an old building; you can not only build, you have to also pull down the things that are not according to the model you have.

The apostolic work means to dismantle those things that has to be replaced with the elements of the original model.

The Church of Christ is in a pretty poor condition spiritually, mainly because there have been no apostles and prophets giving their input the way they did in the beginning. When you read the book of Acts, you can see their huge role in the life of the early Church. This was the model that the Lord Jesus gave and God wants it back today.

Paul’s apostolic ministry was to watch over the churches that they walk in the truth of the Gospel. This was his concern in his letters to the churches. Also prophetic ministry is about revealing wrong ways and uprooting the planting of the enemy. This is clear in the description God gave about the calling of prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:10);

“See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant”.

God explains with four words the work of destroying the wrong things in order to get room for the things He wants instead.

The building work is much quicker and easier, it’s enough to use half of the description for that, only two words!

We have to be sure and bold in pulling down the things that are hindering the right model to be seen also in today’s Church.

God needs His strong and loving apostles today to do the powerful work in His House, and He needs His obedient prophets to bring success to the great work He is doing in restoring His dear Church, the Body of Christ, the Temple of His Holy Spirit, and the Bride of His Son.

The same goes for transforming our society; our cities and nations. It’s not enough that we have the altars of God for prayer, we also need to destroy the altars of the devil to uproot his works. In order to get real change we need to do both, no matter how difficult it is. 

Apostles and prophets with elders have to come back to the model we read in the book of Acts and to work together like they did during the time of the early church.

This is the way to get the House back in order. And all the fivefold ministry gifts have to receive each other to prepare the saints for the work of the Gospel, as the last big revival comes through the whole Body of Christ, through every believer. To get all this done is possible only when we submit to Him and each other in Christ. The love of Christ is demanding this from us!

    Päivi Heikkilä

    Päivi Heikkilä is the founder ofKing’s Ministriesin Finland, 1989. She ministers in the apostolic-prophetic calling, making way for...
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