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God opened the Dams

Päivi Heikkilä
February 05, 2016

The Blood Moons in 2015 were songs of significant changes in spiritual timings. The time of waiting for the wineskins to receive the new wine ran out. There is time for everything, and we are better to know God’s timings. He is very longsuffering, we know. The more important it is to know when His waiting is going to be over!

God opened the DamsNow He has opened the dams of His waters to run with force - and freely! And they will run, they will run higher than the height of a man, so that no one can anymore stop them. His restoring the Church of Christ to match His will on earth as it is in heaven is almost done. His apostles and prophets have been revealing His work concerning this from 1517 when Luther nailed his proclamation for reformation on the door of a Catholic church in Germany. From the beginning God told to Moses to build the tabernacle right according to the model He showed to him on the mountain. He has expected all the time us to build according to how He is showing us on His Holy Mountain, in the Holy of Holies. That is where from the new wine is coming to lead us to follow His will. But if the wineskins are not constantly receiving from Him, they become dry and shaped in their old model.

That’s why He has been saying: your path to the mountain has become covered by grass, open it up! Make your way to me to know what to do and how to do. You have to get from me to keep your wineskin alive and ready to changes I’m giving to become fully restored.

During the time He has been waiting for the wineskins to be received, He has given His new wine in suitable portions, persuading them to allow. That’s why many of us carrying the new wine, have had to be careful, in order not to offend them, but to win them to receive. This has been sometimes difficult and grieving and we have been wondering how come they don’t see what God is doing! But this is now over. We don’t need to be careful anymore, as God’s time of waiting for them is done. God is not trying to pour the new wine anymore to the old wineskins as they have become too hardened already.

Now He has opened the dams of His waters to run with force - and freely! And they will run, they will run higher than the height of a man, so that no one can anymore stop them. He has sent His apostles and prophets to bring His order to the Church and get the Body to the full measure of Christ. The babysitting in churches is over! He wants soldiers of Christ to stand up and every saint to be fully prepared for the work of the Gospel in all the spheres of society with His power and by His Holy Spirit. The last revival with great harvest will come through every believer wherever they are. And His Kingdom will start coming on earth preparing the way for the King of Glory. 

Now is the time not to hold back anymore. Like in the picture above the waters run through all 7 gates with full power. They come both in full measure and in full power.

He is saying to the daughter of Zion:

"open the chains from your neck and rise and shine! Don’t hold back anymore, but cry out with loud voice! Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the house stops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him, who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell" (Matthew 10:27-28).

This will be a powerful time for the new wineskins and the beginning of many believers leaving the old wineskins and coming to the new ones in order to be prepared by all the fivefold ministry to use their talents and to fulfill their callings. This is the time for apostolic centers to be birthed all over Europe and apostles and prophets to break the religious status quo stuck in dead patterns and bring the new living paradigm from God to restore His Church to full glory and heavenly life!

    Päivi Heikkilä

    Päivi Heikkilä is the founder ofKing’s Ministriesin Finland, 1989. She ministers in the apostolic-prophetic calling, making way for...
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