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Report from DNA in Amsterdam

May 24, 2006

(From www.apostolicgeneration.org)Samuel Lee and Gerard Worms present a report from the meeting on Saturday in Amsterdam of the Dutch Network of Apostles (DNA).

Report from DNA in AmsterdamJan-Aage with Sarah & Samuel LeeDear Fellow Apostles and Leaders,

Thank you for your prayers and support during the Dutch Network of Apostles held on May 20, 2006, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was attended by pastors and leaders representing various churches and ministeries in Holland. As the presiding Apostle, I would like to give a report, in coordination with Ap. Gerard Worm who is the Co-Leadership Apostle o fthe DNA.

Our speakers shared the message with great zeal and passion. What was arcane and inextricable about the subject Apostolic became tangible and clear.  Thanks to the excellent impartation by Apostles Jan-Aage Torp and Jaap Dieleman.  The DNA is a concerete strategy to restore the Apostolic in the Netherlands and purposed to heal wounds and mistrusts brought about by the abuses by false apostles and prophets in the past. For this reason, the DNA aims to build up friendly relationships among ministers based in love, compassion, helping each other and trusting one another and in so doing, come up with a workable plan or flatform to transform our nation and Europe.

The Spirit of God moved and quicken everyone's heart to rise up to the call of warfare. Ap. Jan-Aage related the connection of the apostolic and the prophetic mandate of the church vis a vis the return of Christ. He was very articulate and spoke with such burning passion for Christ. He said that restoration is the key to redeem our continents. He said that there is a war going on and it is the apostles' and the prophets' function to lead the church to war and to do great and mighty things for God. He challenged the people to change the level of awareness- to think big and to fulfill God's purposes until He comes.

Ap. Jaap Dieleman gave a brilliant teaching about the significance of fathers and sons in the kingdom of God. His point was very well taken and brought encouragement, conviction and paradigms shifts to the participants. He said that producing a son is a necessary ingredient to one's success. The ability to let go of the position and to have a heart to acknowledge someone else's time to move forward is a great measure of one's success. He reasoned that a leader's security comes from his relationship with the Lord. It takes faith to step back without feeling threatened and allow the new things of God prosper.

The panel discussion was equally interesting. Among the panelists are: Bro. John Olsen representing the Media, Ptr. Kelvin Onyema who pastors a dynamic church in Utrecht, and Bro. Arie Tempelman from the Marketplace/Business. They all shared their views, experiences in advancing the work of God in their own fields of influences.

To sum up, this Meeting gave new challenges and inspiration to reach Holland. Through networking based in love, fellowship, and edification, the leaders who came to the meeting gained new tools and strategies in advancing the work of God. Hallelujah!

The next DNA Summit will be on October 28, 2006. Don't miss out!

Yours in the Lord,
Ap. Samuel Lee- Presiding Apostle, DNA
Ap. Gerard Worm- Co-Leadership Apostle, DNA

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