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European League of Apostles

George Bakalov with new initiative
November 20, 2002

(From www.apostolicgeneration.org)A meeting was held in The Hague, Netherlands earlier this month to form the "European League of Apostles". The Bulgarian George Bakalov is the initiator.

European League of ApostlesOriginally, the inaugural meeting was held as a follow through of a mandate from Dr.Peter Wagner of International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), who at the Europe-wide meeting of apostles in Norway on May 15th-16th this year, named a five man group to build a European coalition of apostles, with George Bakalov as the leader, and consisting of Paco Garcia (Spain), Bruno Interlandi (Italy), Samuel Lee (Netherlands), and Jan-Aage Torp (Norway).

But in the meeting at the Hague, Bakalov introduced the leaders of a Belgian/Dutch/South-African movement that will be leading the European League of Apostles (ELA) together with him. 

The stated vision of ELA is to be "covenant-based". 

ELA will be led from the USA, because this month Bakalov unveiled plans to move with his family from Bulgaria to Minneapolis.

Garcia, Interlandi, Lee and Torp accepted Bakalov´s initiative, even though their role has changed,

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