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European Apostles´ Meeting on Historic Ground

Peter Wagner & Jan-Aage Torp
May 22, 2002

(From www.apostolicgeneration.org)Last week, Peter Wagner & Jan-Aage Torp hosted a European Apostolic Summit under the auspices of International Coalition of Apostles (ICA).

European Apostles´ Meeting on Historic GroundPeter Wagner leads ICA which gathers many of the world´s foremost apostles for fellowship and strategizing.

But now the focus is on Europe.

So in October 2001 Dr. Wagner contacted his longstanding spiritual son and student (from Fuller Theological Seminary), Jan-Aage Torp, to gather apostles and emerging apostles in Europe for two days of discussions.

On Wednesday-Thursday May 15th-16th, it happened. The meeting was scheduled to take place at SAS Radisson Plaza Hotel in Oslo, but because of the hotel strike the meeting was moved to the fashionable Hotel Norge at Høsbjør, just outside Hamar, which is owned by friends of Jan-Aage Torp. Hotel Norge was a key venue in the 1930´s for the formation of the Oxford Movement in Norway.

38 chosen delegates (plus nine ICA-leaders and prayer leaders from USA and one from Singapore) were gathered for two packed days at the countryside hotel. The Europeans were from Spain, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, as well as Kazakstan. Among the Norwegian delegates were Reidar Paulsen, Noralv Askeland, Ola-Emil Sprakehaug and Torp.

The meetings focused on the need for a new spiritual reformation in Europe, and on a new unity among apostles, which will affect the Christian Church at large.

Peter Wagner gave the mandate to George Bakalov from Bulgaria to form a European Coalition of Apostles together with Paco Garcia (Spain) and Jan-Aage Torp (Norway), and he included also Samuel Lee (Netherlands) and Bruno Interlandi (Italy) in the leadership group.

Peter Wagner in Norway! (photo: Tor H. Lanton)
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